Residential Roof Cleaning and Exteriors


Now that you have made the right decision to use 512 Wash to clean your home, what comes next?

We have a check list for our customer to follow in order to achieve the best results from the cleaning process.

First we need to set up a time for us to get the job done. We will contact you to find the most convenient time for our team to arrive. You don’t have to be home for us to clean your exterior and most of the time people are at work while we perform our job.  With the growing popularity of gated communities in the Austin area, make sure to let us know any gate codes or inform the gate attendant that we are scheduled to arrive. We also ask that you not schedule other workers to be at your home while we perform our services, as we are going to be spraying roof cleaning solution and there may be some run off, and we may be laying tarps to protect your landscaping.

To help make sure your plants and lawn are well protected, we ask that you water them well the night before we arrive. This insures they have been well hydrated and are not as likely to absorb any of our cleaning solution if it happens to make its way on to one of your plants. If you have gutters that empty underground please let us know where the water is going. We need to protect the creeks and streams in our area as well as your lawn, so if it empties into the sewer we will bag the gutter and dispose of any runoff appropriately. If it runs right under your grass we will bag the gutters as well but if it leads down more than a yard it will be fine.  We will also be continuously watering and monitoring the landscaping as we work. Covering, dilution and judicious use of cleaning solution are the key to plant safety, which we take very seriously.

We also ask that in order to help protect your plants that you move any potted plants that are under or near the drip line of your roof out from under that area before we arrive. This will allow us to focus our time on getting your roof clean and it helps keep costs down. If  an automobile that is parked under or near the drip line of your roof we ask that you move it 8 feet or more away from the house. That leaves a good margin of safety as well.

We also are concerned for your pet’s safety so please keep them indoors while we are working if possible. If you need to have them outdoors make sure they are contained well away from the house.

We are excited to get to work and help your home look like new again, so if you have any questions please be sure to ask when our cleaners call to set your appointment.